Money Making Agriculture Business Ideas

money making agriculture business ideas


We will discuss various ways to make money from farming and agriculture fertile land

Money making agriculture business ideas: Here are some ideas where you can earn some money by lending land to local farmers or you will get many online platforms where you can lend your land for certain years, so they what you can start earning from agriculture with zero investment.


1) Agribusiness lending

If you are unfamiliar with the local farmers, we have an online platform that will let you rent your land.

It’s true if you don’t know any local farmers, you can also rent your land in an online platform.

Currently, we have a variety of online platforms that can advertise your land and provide a reasonable rent price for the land



  • You can earn a significant income from renting your land to local farmers .
  • For healthy living you can exchange money for a share of cultivate products.

We will introduce some sites where you can post your land and it is safe



money making agriculture business ideas




money making agriculture business ideas




money making agriculture business ideas




money making agriculture business ideas


2) Agritourism

Land has a strong connection to people.

People in urban areas have been more interested in learning where their food comes from and how it is produced in recent years.

Agritourism has recently emerged as a promising industry for entrepreneurs.

Farm tourism is traditionally relegated to individual farmers who host small tours of their operations for interested visitors.

As a result, an industry of agritourism consultants has emerged to guide farmers who may not be knowledgeable about customer relations, liability, marketing, or event coordination.


3) Invest In Agriculture Farm

 The mixed farming of poultry and fishery is the best concept since this enables us to utilize the given land more efficiently and poultry manure can be used in fish farming, which in turn will increase our revenue.

Requirements and the help for the start up

  • The land should be far from the village limit
  •  You need to maintain the labor
  •  Marketing
  • Water requirement for fishery farming
  • Help from the government from different schemes available for the start up

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money making agriculture business ideas


4) Goat farming

As a branch of animal husbandry, goat farming is the raising and breeding of domestic goats Goats are raised primarily for their meat, milk, fibre and skins.

Since goats are high in nutritional value and protein, goat farming is profitable and has a high demand



There are many ways to make money from agriculture, such as agricultural lending, where we can provide farmland to local farmers or via an online platform, agriculture tourism, investing in agriculture farms, and goat farming

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