Sandalwood: Characteristics, Uses, Cultivation And Propagation

different types of Sandalwood in India

Overview During this post, we will discuss about Sandalwood, type of sandalwood, classification of sandalwood, its uses, cultivation and propagation, as well as the exploitation of sandalwood. The sandalwood tree is well known for its fragrance and it belongs to the genus Santalum. The wood is heavy, yellow, and fine-grained, and it retains its fragrance […]

Different Types Of Mangoes In India

different types of mangoes in India

India grows about 1700 varieties of different mangoes. Some of the major types of mangoes found in India are Badami, Totapuri, Banganapalli, Raspuri, Neelum, Malgova.

Types Of Dragon Fruit

Different types of dragon fruit cultivated in India

There are different types of dragon fruit which are classified by the color of their peels (The peel is the outer protective layer of the fruit) and the pulp (the soft, juicy, or moist part of the fruit).

4 Types Of Sandalwood Tree | Discover Sandalwood Variety

Types Of Sandalwood

Different types of sandalwood are classified by their aroma and they can also be classified based on their historical footprints. Sandalwood comes in fifteen species, including East Indian sandalwood, Australian sandalwood, Hawaiian sandalwood, and Pacific Island sandalwood.