Adulteration In Jaggery | What You Don’t Know Could Cost You!

Adulteration In Jaggery


We will talk about adulteration of jaggery and the types of adulteration as well as the effects of adulteration on health in this post.

Adulteration in jaggery occurs when another substance of low quality is added, such as chalk powder, washing powder, and metanil yellow, which reduces its quality.

Jaggery is an unrefined sugar that is produced from raw and concentrated sugarcane juice using the traditional Ghanaian (non-centrifugal) method. It is often found in the Indian Subcontinent and Southeast Asia.

Colors range from golden brown to dark brown.

Adulteration In Jaggery

adulteration in jaggery

There Are Different Types Of Adulteration In Jaggery

Based on the types of impurities used, there were different types of adulteration in jaggery


1. Adulterant As Chalk Powder

As chalk powder is a cheap substance, it has been used as an adulterant

Detection Of Chalk Powder In Jaggery

  • Dissolve 10g of sample in water.
  • If sugar jaggery is adulterated with chalk, the adulterant will settle down at the bottom.

adulteration in jaggery


2. Adulterant As Washing Powder

Ice creams and jaggery contain washing soda as an adulterant.

Washing soda can cause intestinal disorders, such as diarrhea and vomiting.

Detection Of Washing Powder In Jaggery

  • A small amount of jaggery is taken in a test tube
  • Adding a few drops of concentrated HCl to the solution, if the solution contains washing powder, will cause effervescence.

adulteration in jaggery


3. Adulterant As Metanil Yellow.

Metanil Yellow, an unpermitted food dye, is used as an adulterant in Jaggery because of its bright yellow color.

Detection Of Metanil Yellow In Jaggery

  • In a test tube, place 14 teaspoons of jaggery.
  • Add 3 ml of alcohol and shake the tube vigorously to mix up the content and Pour 10 drops of HCl in it.
  • When jaggery is adulterated, a pink colour indicates the presence of metanil yellow.

adulteration in jaggery


Effect Of Adulteration In Jaggery

A variety of harmful effects can be caused by adulterated jaggery.

It can also cause toxicity in the body, as it becomes very important to detect these adulterants.

As it is highly toxic for the body, causing heart failure, liver disorders, kidney disorders, and many more.

Additionally, it affects the quality of the product, which hampers the nutritional value of the product, leading to a nutrient deficiency in our body.

Adulterated Metanil Yellow Color is very dangerous, as it damages the stomach lining, the kidneys and the liver.


In jaggery, adulteration occurs when another substance of low quality is added, such as chalk powder or washing powder. A variety of adulterants produce different types of adulteration, including Chalk Powder, Washing Powder, and Metanil Yellow. Due to the adulerant, it can cause harmful effects on human health.

Frequently Asked Question

How to identify pure jaggery ?

Purity can also be determined by the color of the jaggery. Ideally, the jaggery should have a dark brown color. In gur, a yellowish color may indicate chemical treatment.

Common adulterants in jaggery

Usually, mineral yellow, calcium carbonate, and sodium bicarbonate are added to adulterated jaggery

What is the natural color of jaggery?

Dark brown is the color of the jaggery.

What is the organic jaggery ?

Natural organic jaggery, which is renowned for its quality and free from any adulterants

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